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Farrell, David H., Ph.D.

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    "My research focuses on the role that the blood clotting factor fibrinogen plays in the process of blood coagulation. Fibrinogen is a large (340,000 Da) soluble protein in blood plasma that is converted to an insoluble fibrin clot during coagulation. Fibrinogen also mediates the process of platelet aggregation, which is essential in primary hemostasis to initially stop blood flow from a wound, by binding to specific platelet cell surface receptors. In addition, fibrin plays a role in angiogenesis by providing a scaffolding to which migrating cells can adhere, particularly the endothelial cells that line blood vessels. My laboratory has shown that an alternatively-spliced fibrinogen isoform, γ' fibrinogen, produces blood clots that are highly resistant to breakdown by fibrinolytic enzymes and mechanically stiffer. In collaboration with the Stockholm Coronary Artery Risk Factor study and the Framingham Heart Study, my laboratory has shown that γ' fibrinogen shows a strong and significant association with cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and coronary artery disease. This raises the exciting possibility that γ' fibrinogen is a previously unrecognized risk factor for cardiovascular disease."
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