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Abnormal thymus physiology

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  1. Mammal-specific phenotype


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    "20 hours after administration of OVA323-339 peptide, apoptosis, DNA degradation, chromatin condensation, and cell shrinkage occur in the majority of cortical thymocytes" (MGI Ref ID J:70572) "Apoptosis occurs throughout the thymus including the subcapsular and deep cortical areas" (MGI Ref ID J:70572) "3 days after administration of peptide the cortical thymus is acellular; however, normal cellularity exists in the medulla" (MGI Ref ID J:70572) "Peptide administration does not effect small number of thymocytes that express only the beta chain transgene Vb8" (MGI Ref ID J:70572)
  2. Mammalian phenotype
    abnormal thymus physiology
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