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  1. Mus musculus


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    <a href=http://jaxmice.jax.org/strain/000656.html target=_window><img src=https://eagle-i.net/images/jacksonlabs-button-large.png alt='Order from Jackson Laboratory'></a>
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    "CBA/J inbred mice are widely used as a general purpose strain. CBA/J strain is the only CBA substrain that carries the Pde6brd1 mutation, which causes blindness by wean age. CBA/J mice are not histocompatible with the CBA/CaJ (Stock No. 000654) substrain (Green and Kaufer, 1965). The CBA/J inbred mouse strain is used to study granulomatous experimental autoimmune thyroiditis (G-EAT), are relatively resistant to diet-induced atherosclerosis (Paigen et al. 1990), and develop a mild hearing loss late in life, with most of the hearing loss occurring in the higher frequencies (Sweet et al. 1988). Renal tubulointerstitial lesions have been observed in this strain at a high frequency (Rudofsky 1978). Some CBA/J mice spontaneously develop exocrine pancreatic insufficiency syndrome (Eppig and Leiter 1977, Leiter et al. 1977)."
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  4. Additional Name
  5. Related Disease
    alcohol abuse
  6. Related Publication or Documentation
    Strain differences in behavioral inhibition in a Go/No-go task demonstrated using 15 inbred mouse strains.
  7. Related Technique
    Behavioral assay
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    Suzanne Mitchell Laboratory
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