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Peta Grigsby Laboratory


Dr. Grigsby's research program has evolved through expanded multidisciplinary collaboration among clinician scientists with neonatology and pediatric specialties and basic scientists with expertise in microbiology, reproductive immunology, pathology and cardiovascular physiology. In this regard, her field of research has expanded from preterm birth studies to now include studies on placental development and fetal growth. This research initiative seeks to understand the ability of the developing placental to respond to an adverse in utero environment and to determine the mechanisms underlying placental plasticity which are at the root of the Developmental Origins of Adult Disease phenomenon.






  • LabChart ( Software )

    Used for clinical monitoring. "LabChart software combines the familiar simplicity of a traditional strip chart recorder and oscilloscope with the powerful analysis features of a digital acquisition system.

    In conjunction with a PowerLab data acquisition unit, LabChart software (for Windows and Macintosh) provides the data integrity, display and analysis features needed for today's science. LabChart offers easy selection of hardware settings, powerful online and offline analysis, procedure automation, seamless extraction of experimental data and clever display options"

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