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Advanced Computing Center Core Facility

Director: Gliessman, Perry


"The mission of the Advanced Computing Center (ACC) at OHSU is to meet the advanced computing needs of the OHSU research, academic, and administrative community by providing a scalable set of advanced computing services that augment and supplement no-cost core services provided to the OHSU Enterprise by the Information Technology Group."

General services offered include an on call systems and database admin available after hours.




  • ACC consulting service ( Support service )

    "Computing, programming, and computer engineering services are available on a T&M basis."

  • Alternative to cloud data storage service ( Data storage service )

    The ACC offers cloud-like data storage solutions that offer users access to their data remotely. This type of storage can be configured to behave in ways similar to commercial cloud storage without the exposing researcher data to third parties.

  • Application set up and hosting ( Support service )

    Initial set up (installation and configuration), hosting, and periodic assistance with upgrades are available for the following:

    * Standard private applications (non-public applications with a CLI or GUI interface)
    * Non-standard applications (non-standard, non-public, or unknown)
    * Shared web service or web application servers

    The AAC will also provide:

    * Private and public URLs for ACC hosted websites
    * 3 Year SSL Certificate, for cost of the certificate plus a nominal fee for ACC oversight

  • Cluster slice service ( Access service )

    "Compute cluster slice, including CPU and memory resources for execution of job controlled processes. Currently 2Cores/2GB RAM."

  • Data storage service ( Storage service )

    Includes both bulk, direct attached, and high performance storage.

    Bulk and high performance storage includes "storage on ACC medium performance serial-ATA SAN attached disk arrays data is RAID-5 protected."

    Direct attached storage includes a "limited amount of storage provided and charged per gigabyte on an ACC server local disk drive."

    Labor cost only options are also available -- different fees apply (see website for details).

  • Database design, hosting and maintenance ( Data maintenance service )

    Services provided for the following:

    * very large MSSQL databases using either enterprise or standard licenses (more than 250 GB)
    * large MSSQL databases using enterprise licenses (less than 250 GB)
    * medium MSSQL databases using standard licenses (less than 25 GB)
    * small MSSQL databases using enterprise licenses (less than 5 GB). Currently no charge.
    * very large Oracle databases (more than 500 GB)
    * for large Oracle databases (less than 500 GB)
    * medium Oracle databases (less than 50 GB)
    * small Oracle databases (less than 10 GB)
    * open-source databases (5-10 gigabyte limit)

    Database set up includes "initial customer consulting, license fee, software installation, database sizing and layout, database creation, and application installation and deployment/initial performance tuning."

    Annual maintenance includes database backup and recovery and monthly database maintenance and support. Major application and database upgrades also available for MSSQL and Oracle.

    Open source services are limited to provisioning of known open-source databases such as MySQL, PostGres, BDB, etc." and "patch and update installation."

    Fees are based on labor charges.

  • Server set up and hosting ( Support service )


    * Initial server set up, hosting, "operating system patching, routine system administration, console and server account management," and maintenance of virtual server environments for VMware physical and virtual servers and UNIX, LINUX, and Windows based servers.
    * License server hosting, maintenance and administration.
    * The AAC also provides connectivity for attaching a hosted server to the ACC SAN.

  • Tape backup service ( Data storage service )

    Data back up on tape. 1 month and 12 month retention options are available, "including weekly off-site rotation. Incremental backups occur daily."

  • User account access service ( Access service )

    Includes a variety of user access accounts:

    * ACC shared resource account - "ACC shared resource account"
    * Basic ACC account -- "this account provides access to ACC managed bulk storage such as access to the 'Research Drive' or other basic functions. ACC Portal access is not included."
    * Concurrent users account - "this account provides concurrent access for 10 users (out of a pool of 100) to an ACC managed shared resource in combination with an ACC full account."
    * FULL ACC account - "this is the full ACC account that provides ACC portal access to a development environment, sessions, open source library, public applications, and includes w/1 GB scratch data storage. Accounts are managed by ACC staff, can be charged on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, and can be prorated to meet short-term requirements for service."
    * Limited duration ACC account - "ACC services are available to OHSU students that may be taking classes (such as Bioinformatics, Genetics, Proteomics, etc.) that require special computing needs. Fees are prorated and may be billed by the quarter, month, etc."
    * Off-site shared resource account - "this account provides access to ACC managed shared resource in combination with an ACC full account for customers not employed or studying at OHSU."

  • Vendor purchasing and contract maintenance ( Support service )

    A variety of vender services are available, including:

    * Vendor hardware purchase (direct cost of equipment)
    * Vendor software purchase (direct cost of software)
    * Vendor maintenance contract (server maintenance and software license renewal)

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