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Layton Alzheimer's Disease Center Biomarkers & Genetics Core Lab


In cooperation with the Data and Clinical Cores at the Layton Center, the Biomarkers and Genetics Core generates and maintains biomarker data for select biomarkers which have established roles in the characterization of subjects with or at risk of dementia. Biological markers of brain aging, dementia risk, and neurodegeneration have the potential to accelerate the identification of disease mechanisms and treatment strategies. "Biomarkers" may include genes, proteins, or other metabolites, and may be identified in DNA, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), or plasma. Apolipoprotein E (APOE) genotype is generated for all research subjects. Sub-groups of subjects have other types of biomarker data. Many subjects have had genome-wide SNP data generated.

In order to foster collaborative research as well as expand resources and expertise, samples (DNA, CSF, and plasma) and data are distributed to qualified investigators worldwide. Most of these researchers are pursuing the causes and modifiers of dementia. Data and samples are collected from well characterized research subjects including the healthy elderly and dementia patients.




    Biological Specimens

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