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In Vivo Optical Imaging Center

Director: Linder, Jonathan, M.D.


The IOIC is located in Cardiac Imaging Laboratory on the first floor of the Biomedical Research Building (BRB). The laboratory was established through a Shared Instrument Grant (PI: Michael Deininger) but is maintained through user fees. The core facility includes the IVIS Spectrum optical imaging camera housed in a light-tight housing, rat and mouse imaging platforms for multi-subject simultaneous acquisition, an integrated inhaled anesthesia system, and advanced analysis software. A key component of the IOIC is the ability to operate either independently or under the guidance and supervision of core personnel. Independent use of the system requires that investigators undergo training that is offered every 2 months or on an ad hoc basis. All analysis will be charged on an hourly basis and is graduated according to the level of service (independent or supervised).




  • IVIS Spectrum ( In vivo imaging system )

    High efficiency, non-invasive optical imaging system, capable of either trans-illumination or epi-illumination in vivo fluorescence studies.



  • In vivo optical imaging training service ( Training service )

    The training course is available every two months; ad hoc classes will be arranged if necessary. Independent use is only available after the training course has been taken.

  • Use of IOIC facility ( Access service )

    Supervised or independent use of the IVIS Spectrum equipment. Independent use is only available after the training course has been taken.

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