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DNA sequence sample preparation service

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    Five DNA sequence sample preparation services are available and they are as follows: * "A-mode is most appropriate for new clients, clients with few samples, new projects, and troublesome templates. We take your template and use either your custom primer or one of our common primers and give you an edited sequence data file ready for use." * "B-mode is most appropriate for clients seeking high priority, accurate sequencing, and ready to use sequencing data. It is economical, but does requires some skill with purification and quantification of template DNA." * "C-mode is most appropriate for those clients who want to save some money but are experienced clients with proven sample preparation systems, and easy to sequence templates. Sample preparation is the same as for B-mode samples, but you edit your own sequence data." * D-mode "is appropriate for experienced clients with proven sample preparation systems and high-throughput needs. D-mode is not for samples that require troubleshooting, additional reagents, special cycling, data processing or analysis: use B-mode for those." * E-mode is sample preparation for fragment analysis. The sample preparation is for fragment generation using your favorite protocol. Unincorporated nucleotides, primers, and salts are removed from the fragments."
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    Keller, Thomas J., PhD
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    DNA Sequence Analysis Shared Resource
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  9. Related Protocol(s)
    Nucleic acid sample preparation for sequencing protocol
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